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Milestone Tracker: CDC’s FREE app helps parents track developmental milestones and more! Educate and empower parents to learn about, support, and track their child’s development from age 2 months through 5 years with a free app offered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Access a printable poster (8.5” x 11”) for your clinic, a web button for your website, and more. Additional information about the app is located at

YETI Program

Youth Engagement Through Intervention (YETI) Yeti logois a social skills intervention framework that uses evidence-based practices and strategies such as video modeling, social narratives, differential reinforcement, role-plays, and visual schedules. Children learn social and communication skills such as joining in peer groups, maintaining conversation, and coping with frustrations. Children learn new skills, practice in a safe environment, and use the new skills at home or school.


MOSSAICMentoring, Organization, and Social Support for Autism Inclusion on Campus is for UM students and community members diagnosed with Autism and related disorders. MOSSAIC program has five essential components: direct speech language therapy services, peer mentoring, social activities, education readiness and academic support.

Training and consultation

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UM faculty provides professional development and technical assistance throughout Montana. Currently, seven Montana school districts, one adult services provider, one child and family provider, several Head Start and Early Head Start agencies and others take advantage of these services ranging from traditional lecture-style events to in vivo coaching and modeling formats. In the past, services have been provided to the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services and to the Montana Department of Corrections. UM supports the statewide Autism Act Early Team and is a member of the Governor-appointed Best Beginnings Advisory Council.

Spark Snapshot coverSPARK (PDF) is the largest online autism study in the country. It was designed to speed up research and advance our understanding of the causes of autism in order to best support those affected. SPARK aims to bridge the gap between researchers, individuals with autism and their families, ultimately forming relationships with participants and the scientists invested in improving their quality of life.

SPARK is open to all individuals with a professional diagnosis of autism, their parents, and siblings living in the United States. One of the primary goals is to enroll complete “trios” (full biological parents + affected individual(s)), which means that all family members enrolling in the study and providing saliva samples for DNA sequencing. We can learn the most about autism and genetics when we have data from all members of the “trio.”

Take a look at the recent SPARK snapshot!

Montana Autism Education Project
Number of Students with Autism by County 2010 – 2016

Montana counties showing the increase of autism from 2010 to 2016
Play or download a short animation of all the maps from 2010 – 2016. At the bottom of the page you can pause the playback and then use the progress bar button to move more slowly from year to year.

2018 Facts About Montana Education

Updated “Facts About Montana Education” (PDF) is on the OPI web site.’s%20Folder/2018.Facts%20about%20MT%20Education.pdf?ver=2018-10-25-140623-947

A quick reference of Montana education information for grants, studies, etc.

The OPI is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to people with disabilities. If you need a reasonable accommodation, require an alternate format, or have questions concerning accessibility, contact the OPI ADA Coordinator, 406-444-3161,, TTY 406-444-0235.

Montana Medicaid Program

An autism amendment to the Montana Medicaid Program was approved on October 25, 2017. The amendment outlines how a child is to be evaluated for an autism spectrum diagnosis. It also outlines who is authorized to provide treatment services. For additional information, please contact Health Montana Kids at (855) 258-3489 (Toll-free, direct) or visit:


“Track Your Child's Developmental Milestones” helps families learn what to look for in their children as they grow. For brochures email

Children’s Autism Waiver

Children’s Autism Waiver 0667 1915(c) Waiver (PDF) Presented by: Novelene Martin, Bureau Chief, Developmental Disabilities Program, Date: May 11, 2017

Online Training

Online Training in Autism Spectrum Disorders and Behavior Interventions The OPI Montana Autism Education Project is offering 35 hours of online training in Teaching Procedures (24 hours) and Behavior Interventions (11 hours) to public school staff in Montana who educate students with autism spectrum disorders.

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Autism information

Understanding Autism

Information about Autism including Signs and Symptoms, Diagnosing, Treatment and “Early Signs/Milestones” guide based on age.
Autism in Montana state

Autism in Montana

University of Montana and Montana State University programs, state policies, waivers and plans.
Autism resources

Helpful Resources

A directory of resources for families, Professionals, Service Providers and information for age-related services offered in Montana.