Statewide Collaboration to Improve ASD Initiatives in Montana Poster

Statewide Collaboration to Improve ASD Initiatives in Montana Poster

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The Montana Autism Center provides practical assistance, demonstrates proven techniques, and trains direct service staff.

  • Family Outreach (Helena) uses “Milestone” booklets as a discussion guide for each home visit.
  • The Part C agency renamed itself “Montana Milestones Part C Intervention” to capitalize on the LTSAE milestones concept
  • UCEDD and Ambassador meet bimonthly to plan and implement training and develop resources.
  • Social media and Facebook are a great way to share information and build community.
  • Churches, bowling alleys and bars are good points of contact in rural and remote areas.
  • Local newsletters and Chamber of Commerce/community websites are good avenues for building resource awareness.

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MT Autism Center

  • 2,316 unique visitors with 9,082 page views in 9 months (no advertising).
  • The center is about “function,” not “place.”
  • Center resources available “on demand.”

Milestone Moments booklet

“Act Early” Resources

  • CDC LTSAE customized brochure (trifold) 4,600.
  • CDC LTSAE customized booklet (48 page) 800.

Fast Facts:

  • In 8 years, preschool-age referrals are up 100%. For school age, referrals are up 150%, mostly in western MT.
  • One Part C provider currently serves 125 families, 38% screen positive for ASD.
  • First-ever collaborative State ASD plan developed in 2015. Partnership grew from 22 to 56 in the 20 month process.
  • “Youth Engagement through Intervention” for school-age children grew from 8 to 17 children in one year. “MOSSAIC” grew from 4 to 7 young adults.
  • The largest youth/adult provider in central Montana has 100 open Direct Service Provider positions.
  • Training to 38 “very satisfied” Early Head Start providers across Montana. Six of 10 Early Head Start programs were represented.
  • UC Davis and a Montana team to implement the Early Start Denver Model project. Research sites include several Part C providers.
  • M-CHAT adoption (at entrance and ~30 months) by half of Part C providers.

Martin E. Blair, PhD. – UCEDD Director
Ann Garfinkle, PhD. – Act Early Ambassador